I asked my better half, Rizan, the first thoughts that came to her mind to describe me (other than how wildly handsome I am...).  She rattled off with ease Trustworthy, Perseverance, Humorous, Loyal, Determined, Visionary.  WOW! My Minnesota nature instilled in me a difficulty in the acknowledgement of this.  But, honestly I would concur.  How does this relate to the "why" of hiring me?  Well, first and foremost is Loyalty. I am a firm believer in the clients' interest first.  I know, every agent says that, but I live it, just ask Rizan. Loyalty comes into play at almost every turn in the counsel of clients before, during and after their purchase or sale.  Being Loyal to them in the affiliates you refer them to, setting aside personal gain.  Loyal in their representation related to price, terms, inspection and closing. Loyalty is accepting that as as agent I am not perfect and always have some responsibility when thing do not go as planned. 

Trustworthy.  This of course is one of the cornerstones to success.  If your clients do not Trust you, how will they ever listen to your guidence?  One of the greatest acts of Trust that I have experienced with clients is when they purchase a property "sight unseen" based on the search we have done together and the guidence and education I have given them.  Educating even the most seasoned real estate client is essential.  If it wasn't, anyone could make safe, sound real estate decisions without the need for a professional.

Dedication. No, not like dedicating a park bench in memory of a loved one, but to the service beyond self, dedicated to seeking out the path through a difficult transaction.  Dedicated to God, Family, Company and Industry.  

Humor.  No Humor? No success.  This age old business requires a natural level of humor at times; during tense negotiations, presenting the market evaluation that tells them the hard truth about value verses the blind hope number the client needed to hear.  Humor in the deal that blows up, but with determination will be put back together.  Humor in the celebration of the sale or great property find, celebration in outside the box marketing ideas and the new friendships that develop.  If an agent takes themselves too seriously, the ugly spector of EGO rears its head.  EGO has not place in our business.  Period.

Perseverance. Personal perseverance clearly correlates to the perseverance in business.  That "I know I can" drive to sell a property, find the "Needle in the Haystack" home for a client on a tight budget, a client with special requirements or a client selling in a distressed situation.  My life has trained me through both personal and professional challenges to persevere for my clients each and every day. 

Visionary.  A hard word or concept for many to swallow, including me.  I have come to comprehend and accept that a couple of my God given gifts are strong intuition and a visionary view for business and our industry.  No, I will not have a dream that tells me what price your home will sell for to the penny or who your kids will marry, but a keen highly developed sense of reading people, a true asset in the art of negotiation.  Also, a foresight of the market trends and ways to promote innovatively.

Okay, that was exhausting.  I am much more comfortable educating my clients about planning their success related to real estate decisions, coaching agents on creating a path and activities to sustained business and communicating to our industry ways to "raise the bar" of professionalism that our industry lacks. 

By the way, I am a broker/agent in Scottsdale, Arizona and a Licensed Agent in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I am engaged to Rizan, a lovely woman who gets me (really), who believes in me and my gifts, two adult children, the oldest, my son Taylor, is a retired Marine who owns a Self Defense and firearms Training and Private Security Company in Minneapolis and my daughter Kylie, an accomplished yoga instructor and graduate from the University of St Thomas, St Paul, with a degree in Family Social Studies.  I love to eat adventurously and travel with Rizan and golf (not as much as I would like).

I use the hashtag #ORANGEISCOOL because the color orange represents high energy, happy, visible, refreshing and as Frank Sinatra said, "Orange is the happiest color in the world".  This is why it is our Team colors at Jay Jasper Associates.  Wouldn't you love to have a cool, high energy team on your side as you navigate your real estate decisions?